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MILLINGTON Millington lies in Michigan state In Tuscola County, as I would relate. A nicer town for it's age you'll not meet, And for water supply it can't be beat. The first we see on the east side of the street Is the Capitol Theatre, whose shows can't be beat, You may search all over this broad land But the Capitol's plays are simply grand. Vernon Farnum next greets you with a smile, It's only true friendship that makes life worth while, Low and behold it's the Ford Service station Where is sold one of the best cars in the nation. Then when you are tired and want a good sleep, Frank Ashley will a close vigil keep, He will put you to bed in snowy white At the Millington House with food that is right. Journeying eastward, we find Avery, the cobbler, Who mends boots and shoes As he sits on his bench, thinking what's the use, We are all growing old like a pair of those shoes. C. E. Wright who next doth appear, Sells raisins, sugar and syrup so clear, Beans, bacon, mustard and honey, So there's the place to spend your money. The next we see is the Millington Bank All built of iron and not of plank. The cash to you they will freely hand If well secured by chattel or land. Just take a step northward From the Millington Bank. Now Bill Lowell's place can be seen Where he specializes in Poultry and Cream. After Bill you have visited just journey with me, The Cass City Grain Company now you see. Mr. Briggs greets you with a How do you do? Could we sell some hard coal, soft coal or grain to you? Now just turn and walk back to the south, On the street running east You'll find Beagle's shop, Where you get shaves and haircuts, with tonic on top. Next Alston Currier's will be found, Where notions, groceries and goodies abound. Just step inside and try on a hat, There's one for you whether small or fat. The Telephone is next on our way Where all calls are answered by night or day, No matter whether you call near or far away, You'll get the party with little pay. Bob Taylor you'll find on the run, If you have any blacksmithing you wish done You'll find him on hand from sun to sun, And you'll say that his work is never done. Mr. Tom Gibson next you meet, who keeps coal and grain, everything in this line complete. When spring comes and supplies you need, The Millington Grain will supply you with all kinds of seed. Across the track to the north we go to Barber's Lumber Yard of which you all know, When a house you are building just bear in mind, That better brick, cement and lumber you'll not find. Now back south and across the street The Helbing-Chase Company you will meet. If your stoves and furnaces are smoking, there's the place to go And get some Soot Destroyer of which you all know. Then east and south the Millington mill you'll find Where farmers take their grists to grind, Just wait, they will only a few minutes take And from your grains they will flour make. Now back west we got to the railroad depot, Where Shaffer sells you a ticket to go To any part of this big land of ours, Mid snows of the north or fair southern flowers. Now back north and west journey with me, And Squires' implement shop we will see. Before we get there, well, I will tell you now, They sell everything from a hoe to a plow. Right on the corner a filling station we see, With Red Crown gas waiting for you and me. Mr. Clare Bishop is the manger here, For gas, people come both far and near. Cy Losure next you'll meet, With home cooked meals that can't be beat, Ice cream, sodas, pop and candy. This place on the corner sure is handy. Mr. James Murray who runs the big store, You'll find with a smile just at the next door, With dry goods, groceries, teas and these, With clerks who everyone please. For drugs and lotions, for black heads and pimples, Perfumes, powders, for toilet and dimples, All these and many, many more, Ralph Henderson keeps just next door. Now Cobb and Holmes the place so neat, Is the place to go when you want good meat, Just look around and it can be seen That everything is nice and clean. Now, low and behold, yes I am seeing right, It's the Chevrolet Agent with his new cars so bright, If you need a car there's the place to go, They will show you one for prices that are low. Then you will not have to go very far Until you reach Mrs. Avery's bazaar, She keeps dolls, toys, needles and pins, Hats, lamps, dishes and tins. Dr. Sahs deals in medicines and pills And tends to all calls and cures all ills, For you , medicine he will prescribe, If you will only step inside. Next the Millington Farm Bureau bear in mind, Where a complete line of groceries and meats you'll find, Dry goods, notions and all of these, Fruits, vegetables and prices that please. If you have bad luck and your car breaks down, Aurand and Harter in the next block will be found, Just step to the phone and give them a call, And they with the wrecker will give you a haul. There's the Millington Water Works plain in sight, Where Marshal John pumps day and night, Walk straight or sure as fate, John will land you behind the grate. Almost across the street the Herald man we meet, Who prints his paper as fast as he can. At job work too he is immense, And he will save you both dollars and cents. Valentine who keeps the next place Will suit you in price and fit you with grace, With hats, caps, collars, hosiery and lace, So when you're in town remember the place. Right next door plain in sight, Is the Whippet, Oakland and Pontiac whose lights burn bright, Mr. Hall will be there to show you around, And three better cars cannot be found. Then is the Post Office where everyone sails There to receive his letters and mails, In this same place upstairs is the office of Doc, He will cure all your ills and you'll be solid as rock. Right here is McPherson's you can tell, Who keeps a big line of hardware to sell, From a big steel range down to a wagon jack, To a ten penny nail or a small carpet tack. There's L. J. the barber and he is no knave Or Wilson, each will give you a good shave, Their cups are all clean, their brushes are too, A good place to go if you need a shampoo. After you get a shampoo just step in the back, And Miss Brand will greet you and give a marcell, After she has fashioned you with waves and curls You may then go out in society's whirls. For oils, paints, varnishes, linoleums and these, At Parker's Hardware you will surely be pleased, Oil stoves, cook stoves, ranges and such. You'll find there and the cost is not much. Gerald Farnum, the Druggist next we meet, With a line of powder, perfumes, and drugs complete, Books by all authors there abound, And the fact that they're interesting will soon be found. Not much farther need you go To the Millington Oil Co, where they sell Sun-O-Co, All their many patrons they delight, With quality and prices that are right. Conway's restaurant you will find Is a very, very good place to dine. The very best cooking and baking you will say, For such a meal you will freely pay. Crossing the street to Nixon's repair and tire shop, If you have any trouble be sure to stop, He will repair like very few can do An old, old tire just like new. Now let us stop to Meacham's Implement Shop, Silos, windmills, machinery and these, He keeps a line that will more than please, If the weather be rainy or fair he will always be there. Back westward we go with a slow even tread As we pass by the home of the Millington dead, We bow our head and whisper a prayer, We know not how soon we, too may be there. And now that my rhymes are all most ended, I hope that I have no one offended, For I am sure - no harm has been meant, As it was composed by a resident. as published in the Millington Herald, 1929
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